MySQL/PHP online publications index


OnCite is the project name for University College London's online publications database, implemented in MySQL and PHP. It is open-source under the terms of the Academic Free Licence.

For an indication of scale: UCL's database contains (at the time of writing) over 74,000 publications records, 3,700 users, 120 departments, and over a hundred administrators.


  • Authentication is not handled by the OnCite database, but via standard Apache HTTP authentication
  • Export and import can be done via various standard file formats:
    • RIS import and export
    • OAI-PMH XML import and export
    • PubMed import
    • BiBTeX export [experimental]
  • OAI compliant
    1. Export: Can be queried using the Open Archives Initiative's OAI-PMH protocol
    2. Import: Can import data (regularly, e.g. weekly) from another OAI-compliant repository
  • Administrative control at various levels:
    • The individual academic
    • Departmental administrator
    • Faculty or other cross-departmental administrator
    • Institutional-level administrator
  • Automatic Pubmed lookup


System requirements

  • Apache web server
  • PHP, version 4 or later
  • MySQL, version 4 or later



A file release has not been prepared recently, so the best way to access the source code is via the CVS repository which stores the most up-to-date version of the source code.



See the installation guide.


(Note: The project was originally named MyOPIA, but subsequently renamed to OnCite.)


Development kindly supported by Sourceforge: